Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Dear Students
St. Xavier International School (SXIS) aims at nurturing holisric development of its students towards enriching the quality of life in every aspect of well being. A co-educational, day-boarding school aiming for highest standards of academic achivement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness and behaviour, sportsmanship and other good qualities to the students has already acquired name and fame within a short span of time.

The School takes leadership seriously and our concern for character is a point of distinction. Our mission has never been narrow to prepare students for college. It goes to provide an experience which travels for beyond the college requirments, addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity. Our unflagging commitment to each student's intellectual, moral and phycal growth and to the considerable resources of faculty, facility and locale creat a schoo which os larger that the sum of its parts.

SIXS believes in the notice that teachers should take part in student's lives. SIXS faculty does what the best faculties do. it supports the highest level of academic activity, but it also creats a special from of life for the student. This relationship between student and facility reaches beyond the classroom and natures the sprit, as it challenged the mind: in this way, the faculty fulfills the founding vision of SIXS. Teachers take up the teaching profession as "their life's work" in order that the students are endowed with knowladge with the power of knowladge, the students are to endeavour and persevere which is called sadhana. It is therefore, said that an ounce of action is better that a ton of knowladge.

i hope an bless my students that they, being endowed with knowladge is different fields, should always preserve to achieve success in the journey life.

Dr. B.N Patnaik
M.Sc. (Manipal), MBA, LLB, PGDIT, Ph.D.