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Admission is opening for the session 2016-17.
Few Seats are available for admission from KG-I to Std-IX..

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admission opens for the academic session 2016-17 in all branches: ChandraSekhar Pur, Satyanagar, Malipada(Khordha). Gangapada, Kalingavihar, Nandankanan, Daruthenga, Rasulgarh, Khuntuni.   ||   New Branch open at SatyaNagar-II and RajnandaGoan. (Chattisgarh)

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St. Xavier International School (SXIS) aims at nurturing holisric development of its students towards enriching the quality of life in every aspect of well being. A co-educational, day-boarding school aiming for highest
standards of academic achivement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness and behaviour, sportsmanship and other good qualities to the students has already acquired name and fame within a short span of time.

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Mother's Day Celebration -

10th May 2015 at Convention Hall, Keshari Hotel, Master Canteen, Bhubaneswar

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