The administrative department assists the school with many services like Public relation, Housekeeping, Stores, HR, Computers, Transport, and Events Management etc. The school bus offers safe and prompt mode of commuting between school and home for the children. It also is used for taking students out on field trips to the zoo and other places of educational interest to kindle in them the love for nature. Security is a vital concern for school worldwide. Our digital surveillance solution is a comprehensive security offering designed school community across campus. Digital cameras are deployed in every corner of the school to monitor the security. All the security guards are well trained to ensure that the school community is safe. The administration ensures that there is smart monitoring of the security of the students and staff.


The vision of the e-classroom in SXIS is to help educators to learn about the technology and how it can be integrated and applied as a powerful learning tool curriculum. E-classroom was created and designed for students and facilitators to these technological skills. We at SXIS believe in learning beyond the books and cater changing dynamics of knowledge through the power tool called technology.


To enhance the learning ability and impart a practical exposure about theoretical concepts,The School has developed a large number of modern laboratory system including.

Remedial Classes

The school arranges remedial classes time to time for improvement/ doubt clearing of a subject. The teachers take care of each student in this remedial classes where student are very free to ask question and solve their problems. Usually in Exam time this remedial classes are arranged.

Event Schedule

The school arrange different programme/events like trips to different places in the city to acquire knowledge for the students time to time as a extra curricular activities. Students are
2012-13 Study trip Schedule COMING SOON!


Learning through self-study and reading are important skills that ensuring developing habits of sustained learning, which is an indispensable tool for the future for our students. For this purpose, a well-equipped and well-stocked library with different types of books magazines, periodicals, newspaper and other reading materials are available. Every child is encouraged to develop healthy reading habits by regularly visiting the library during fixed library periods and even during scheduled break times. We have qualified librarian to maintain the library and make sure that each book or any other reading material is placed systematically, in an easily retrievable way

Child Care

SXIS believes that education is a methodical effort towards learning basic facts about humanity. And the core idea behind value education is to cultivate essential values in the students so that the civilization that teaches us to manage complexities can be sustained and further developed. It begins at home and it is continued in school. The family system in India has a long tradition of imparting value education right from the ancient practice of the gurukul system. But with modern developments and a fast changing role of the parents, it has not been very easy for the parents to impart relevant values in their wards. Therefore SXIS has a value education programs to meet the rising needs of modern society like code of conduct and values. These activities concentrate on the development of the children, young adults etc. focusing on areas like happiness, humility, cooperation, honesty, simplicity, love, unity, peace etc.


We have Creche System for the working parents. We provide extra facilities to these children. The children are secured under a trained Sister/teacher who cares after their study hours in the School. They play and perform other activities like art, sing, dance, watch video, cartoons, rhymes etc.